Wedding Planner 

Wedding arrangements for St. Paul's may be made at one of our surgeries held on the 3rd Thursday of every month in St. Paul's at 7.30pm where you will meet Stuart and Muriel, our Churchwardens, who will be pleased to answer your questions and take bookings.

We reserve the right only to marry those who are being married for the first time, unless they have been widowed. 

Your Church Wedding

You will find the following practical points helpful in the planning of your wedding day and you will also find a lot of help by following the link at the picture above:

1.  Church fees cover all aspects of the marriage service in church, including you wedding certificate, flowers, heating and lighting, clergy fee, organist's fee and verger's fee.                  

Fees for 2019 are £729. If you haven't already done so please pay at the rehearsal.  Cash or a cheque made payable to: St. Paul's Hasland Parochial Church Council.                                                              

2.  If you require members of our choir for your day, please let me know well in advance. The fee is £16 per person payable on the day depending on the number of singers available.

3.  Please arrange for the bride to be at church no later than 15 minutes before the service begins, to give time for photographs on her arrival.  

4.  Should the service begin late we reserve the right to omit hymns, since there may be a wedding service following yours. If there is a wedding on the same day, 90 minutes are allowed between one wedding starting and the start of the next.

5. Please have as many photographs taken and video recordings as you please before and after the service. We do not permit photographs or videos during the service, except for your photographer who may photograph AFTER you have signed the registers. 

6.  Please try to have your hymns chosen before the day of your rehearsal. If you have any special musical requests we need to know them well in advance and will do our best to comply. Please remember this is not Westminster Abbey!

7. There will be a large flower arrangement and two smaller, which are included in your fees. Any more should be by arrangement (pardon the pun!) with the Churchwardens.

8.  There is no car park I am afraid. Parking is along the main road and along Churchside Lane as far as the No Entry notice, beyond which the land is private.

9. A Christian marriage is ideally between two baptised people, however, the Bishop allows us to marry two people if only one of them is baptised. I will not baptise people in order to for them to be married in church.

10.If you don't live in Hasland or Grassmoor and have no connection with this parish you must have your banns read out in the parish church nearest to where you live. When banns are read in church your name and the parish where you live will be read out and anybody who knows any reason in law why you cannot marry must tell the priest at that church. You will be issued with a banns certificate from the priest at that church after he has read your banns three times over three weeks. You must bring a banns certificate to St Paul's no later than the day of your rehearsal. The certificate will cost you £44. If you are getting married here the cost of the banns certificate is included in the wedding fee.

11.It is wise to attend church on the Sundays your banns are to be read in order to make sure that they are being read. I would suggest you attend at least the last reading of the banns so that you can collect the banns certificate.

12.At the beginning of the year in which you are to be married you will be invited to a meeting in church when we can talk about your wedding. At the meeting we will arrange a date of the wedding rehearsal which usually takes place a few days before the ceremony.

13.To secure the booking of your wedding we ask for a £100 deposit which will be deducted from the final cost of the fees.

14.If for any reason you wedding has to be cancelled or postponed please inform the church in writing. Unless you do this we will be unable to return your £100 deposit.

15. Please try to attend St Paul's Church at least once before your wedding day to see what the church is like in action during a service.


This law changes the way that the booking of a marriage may be undertaken by the Church.

The law states that before a couple may be married, both parties must produce evidence of:

a) Their full name.

b) Nationality.

c) Date of birth.

d) Current address.

The easiest way of doing this would be by producing at least 2 of the following documents.

a) A valid passport (not one that has expired).

b) Driving licence.

c) Utility bill no more than three months old (not printed from the internet).

d) Bank or Building Society statement within the last month (not printed from the internet).

(The documents produced must be originals and not photocopies.)

If either of the couple does not possess a valid passport, an alternative document could be:

a) A national ID card.

b) A certification of registration as a British citizen together with a driving, utility bill or bank/building society statement.

c) Certificate of naturalisation as a British citizen with a driving, utility bill or bank/building society statement.

d) If born in the UK before 1 January 1983, the UK birth certificate together with a driving, utility bill or bank/building society statement.

e) If born after 1 January 1983, a full UK birth certificate showing the full names of the parents together with a driving, utility bill or bank/building society statement. Plus evidence of the status as British citizens of the parents.

When you complete the application form for marriage, it does not imply that your wedding will go ahead. The marriage application cannot be accepted as valid until the above evidence has been received and authenticated.

Once you have gathered all the evidence for both parties you should contact the Churchwardens, to arrange an appointment for him to validate the application for marriage.

If the marriage application is accepted as valid at the appointment, a deposit of £100.00 will be required at this time.